terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge split (2011)

Genre: Crust / Sludge / Powerviolence

I haven't heard many 2011 releases yet so I shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions but this has got to be  candidate for the best release of the year. One of the heaviest combos I've ever heard. Mammoth Grinder brings a stompier and sludgier approach to this release than their style on Extinction Of Humanity, with much better vocal work. They rerecorded a new version of Societal Collapse from EoH that absolutely shreds along with the other two MG tracks on the split. Hatred Surge is not really my thing but I liked their side as well. Well produced, well played, and extremely heavy powerviolence. All fans of Instinct Of Survival, Nuclear Death Terror, Siege, and Golers NEED to listen to this split.

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