domingo, 24 de abril de 2011
Naked Aggression is an anarcho-punk band which was formed in Madison, Wisconsin in late 1990. Naked Aggression appeared in the Rockumentary The Decline of Western Civilization III.
They have held benefit shows for various causes, including Food Not Bombs, AIDS research, pro-choice groups, women's clinics, rape crisis centers, political prisoners and school art departments. This is the big one. Released in 1998, it contains the two early 7", They Can't Get Me Down (1991) and Keep Your Eyes Open (1992), the Naked Aggression songs off the Aus Rotten split 7", the phenomenal Plastic World 7"(1994) and more! Let's go to the mall!

they can't get me down - why do they fuck up my world - break the walls - angry - censored truth - media - right now - revolt - walkin' around - ode to a fucked up world - plastic world - lies - smash the state - silent war - mind control - stop the hate - you're a disgrace - drivin' down the road - religious lies - out of control - whe do they fuck up my world (live) - right now (live) - bitter youth (live) - they can't get me down (live).

** year - 1998
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Broken Rekids
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